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You spend so much time writing content and building your website but no one reads it. We often forget about the the other important fact about content, the presentation. 

This is comparative to the construction industry. A home builder can build the nicest home, but if they leave the home a mess before the client moves in; this can ruin the clients experience or impression of the builder. 

This same logic applies to the presentation of your website. Your content may be very resourceful and exactly what the client wants. Unfortunately, if the presentation lacks this makes the client draw back and go somewhere else. You content and the way its presented is a representation of your brand and business. You really have to work hard for people to trust and want to work with you.  When you have great client-base backed with tons of referrals and testimonials, it gets easier. 

We are here to day to make sure your content and website reaches its full potential.  We’ve written out 6 tips to help the readability, enhance your user experience and ultimately land you more clients from your website.

Tip 1 : Catch the Readers Attention Quick

You must catch the users attention in 3 seconds or else they will bounce off your site and go else where. 

How do you do this? First and foremost a catchy title to draw them to your article or an interesting cover image. Once they click your website it is your job to structure the content so that it’s appealing to the person. 

When it comes to content this can be a bit harder to do, but not an impossible challenge. First and foremost does your content look appealing to the eye to even read? If the answer is no, you must go back and structure the content so it is easy to read.

The first three sentences used to describe the article has to hook the person to continue reading more about it. Common themes that attract people is how to generate wealth, attract more clients, or make their jobs easier. Who wouldn’t want all those things? Hook the reader with something relatable and can help them in some way. 


Tip 2 : Short and To the Point

When creating content to post on your website it is important to think about what you are writing. No one wants to read large paragraphs of unnecessary information that you get lost in. People want clear, concise, and useful. Consider this when you are crafting your content. 

Tip 3: Language That You Use and The Way It's Written

What makes content more readable? It starts with proper sentences with punctuation and a flow. How is your business supposed to look professional if you can’t put a working sentence together on your website. 

It is important to proof read what you wrote, use transition words between sentences to improve flow. You should make use of lots of white space and shorter paragraphs to make it more readable.

To help with your content writing I use an app to help me accomplish this. 

Hemmingway Editor 

Hemingway Editor



Hemmingway Editor is compeletely free to use and helps identify issues in your writing. Some of the features include, readability score, sentence highlights, and simplifies complex words. The readability score you should aim for should range from Grade 8/9. That is the recommended score to be easy to read by most. 

Try it out for yourself, its completely free so you have nothing to loose. 

Tip 4 : Simple Words and Be Very Clear If You Use Industry Jargon

When you offer a service to a client you need to understand that these people are no experts in your profession. If they were they would not be seeking your services. 

To your benefit since you do this for a living you know what you’re talking about. Clients will not choose to pay us for a service if you have not gained their trust. when you take something that is complicated or not understood and explain it in a way that they can understand. This creates trust because you are being open and educational. You don’t do business by tricking someone into buying something that they don’t understand. 

Now you have to keep that in mind when posting content in your website. Avoid using industry jargon if possible, ensuring it can be understood by all. If it cannot be avoided make sure to clearly explain the jargon to your audience.

Keep your vocabulary simple and make your content easy to read, you don’t need big words to sound professional. Your portfolio does most of the talking for you. Remember, you want to to make sure your business is exactly what your ideal client has been searching for. 

Tip 5: Have Useable Content

It’s not good enough to just write something to fill up blank space on your website. You must have content that has been strategically planned to sell your service. In a way that doesn’t seem like a sales pitch. 

FAQ Section

One easy hack to writing content for your business website is to answer common questions. After a couple of clients you have common questions people ask you. Use those questions to create a FAQ’s section on your website, after all the services you offer. 

” Pro tip: have a notes section on your phone to write them down as they are asked and have a reply. Then, add the commonly asked questions to your website. The benefit is if a client messages you any common questions you can refer them to your webpage. Additionally, you can refer to this when you need to reply to a client and you’re too lazy to. One simple copy and paste and your clients have a consistent answer. “

New Spin to Services Offered

Instead of writing out the services you offer, describe your process for each service. While, also outlining how you stand out from your competition. 

By using an educational approach to your clients you build connection. They get a better understanding of what they want, and being able to communicate it. While in the process, they learn more about your business and your process they will develop trust in you. 

Educating your client is quite selfish actually. By educating your client you are helping yourself. Once the customer learns the terminology and the process through your website. They are better at communicating what they want their intended result should be. This leads to ultimate client satisfaction, because what they wanted was clear.


Word Density and SEO

Word density is very important to SEO (search engine optimization), but quality is always more important that quantity. Make sure you are writing meaningful content and not just using fluff to get your word count up. 

Important to note, please make sure to write your own content, describe the services you offer in your own words. Google is very good at what it does. If you copy content from another site, search engines will see it as duplicate content, and your search results will suffer. Don’t do it, write out your content or hire someone to. 


Now we will step through how easy it is to add meaningful content to your website: 

Starting point: 

What are the services I offer (list them off):

What is the process (write it out):

Why pick my business over the competition

What are the common questions I get from customers.


Sam’s Carpentry Content

“We do the best carpentry in the entire GTA. Call ”


Sam’s Carpentry Content

“Sam’s Carpentry stands by its quality work and premium customer service, we have 20 years of experience and we love what we do. Our team treats your home as if it were are own, and always make sure to leave the job site clean.  

Sam’s Carpentry specializes in custom homes and businesses. Our process starts from learning what the customer envisions and the specifications of the build. Afterwards, we sit with the drawing and engineers and look at the technicals, and craft a plan. From this we have the material ordered and shipped and wait for the foundation and framing of the house. Once the build is ready our team starts to work our magic by working by sections. What makes us different is we provide daily updates to our clients through our app. Along with, always finish one area to perfection, before moving onto the next.

If you’re in need of a custom home carpenter look no further than Sam’s, contact us today (416) – 222- 2222.

Common questions: 

How long does the process typically take?

Each build is unique and varies in size and difficulty. We typically sit with our clients to review the build and provide them with an estimated time and timeline for milestones.

Do you have a team?

Yes Sam’s carpentry has a team of 5 and we are expanding. We work together to craft perfect homes, in a time efficient manner.”

There is a story behind your business use it. Every business is unique and offers something over their competition, make sure to make this clear to your client. 

Content for your website is like writing a resume for a job. You couldn’t possibly submit your education, profession, and the best email or phone number to contact you at. You must elaborate and give them a reason to contact you. 

Tip 6: Break Up Text with Photos

Who wants to read never ending paragraphs with no images or graphs.  Certainly not me, my attention span is short and I loose concentration very quickly. We can thank modern forms of social media for this short attention span.

With this short attention, it requires a different format to appeal to the modern user. In simple terms, you need images and videos if necessary. You cannot rant for paragraphs about something without having a visual for the reader to understand or remember. 

Visual aids can break up the text you are writing and be a visual in their memory they will remember for the future. 


In this article we discussed 6 ways to improve the readability and aesthetic of your website

  • Hook the client
  • Concise content 
  • Written content flow
  • Keep the language simple
  • Have usable content
  • Use photos to break up text


Using these tips and tricks you can improve the readability of your website immensely. For more information about how to improve your website read our learning section. 

Content creation is time consuming, but it is important to have to get your business out there. Not everyone isgood at it. That’s okay you can always hire a professional to do the initial work for you and get your content work started. From there you can build onto it. If you need any help with your content. We can help! 

Congraphix writes content and work within your budget. Lets get the growth your business deserves.  

Let’s make your website as SEO friendly as possible.

By following these steps you increase the chance of all your content reaching clients. This is exactly what you need to get more jobs and more importantly  higher quality clients to work with. 

If you are unsure or don’t want the hassle of maintaining or updating your website let Congraphix do all the work for you. We can automate the process and keep up to date with your updates. You can also determine how often you would like to update based off your business. We work within your budget. To learn more or to contact click here.

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